Welcome to our site. We intend to use it to communicate a number of things but principally about books. Liz and I started writing in 2013 mainly for our intellectual stimulation. We had retired from our respective jobs and because of disabilities could not get out as much as we wanted. As we progressed, the characters became more and more alive to us so continuing the series seemed only natural. We are working on out sixth book “Dispatched” but have not been able to feel happy about its results. Watch here for our release. For those who want the printed page, our first book “Betrayal and Other Family Matters” is now available at Amazon.

We are under construction and hope to be forever. So come back often and see what is new and exciting (at least to us).

12 Days of Christmas

Our Christmas present to our friends during the 12 days of Christmas 2017 is the 6 books we have published on Kindle. They will be available for free for 5 days as follows:

Starting December
13. Betrayal and Other Family Matters
15. Redeemed and Other Family Matters
17. Another Murder Matters (Family Matters series)
19. Survival Matters(Family Matters series)
21. Filling the Gap (Family Matters series)
23. The Day the Wind Stopped Blowing

Check on our “Books to Keep You Awake” page to order.

Just to update you as to where we are … we are still working on the 6th book in the Family Matters series. Look for “Dispatched” soon.

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To the New Reader

As you go through the pages of this book realize that is in its infancy and we expect it to grow. You may note there are places where there are missing links and incomplete descriptions. Having spent a lot of time on what is there, I arbitrarily decided to publish what I had but promising to continue. If you find broken links or errors, please drop us a note on the contact us page. If you want me to publish it as a comment, put “comment” in the subject.