Letter from Liz

Our dear friend, Meg Duly, has often come to share our happy times, but usually as her altoego Henrietta, a member of the Atlanta chapter of Smut. Smut is the organization that goes to public places, like art museums, and puts doilies on works of art that show parts of the anatopy that “Nicer” people don’t need to see. The service at Midway United Methodist Church was billed as a celebration of sunshine. Who else but Henrietta can do that? She shares a letter she claims to be from Liz. It is easy to believe her because the letter contains information known only to Liz.


My dearest Henrietta,


Heaven is not at all what I expected. Apparently I was late getting there because I fought so hard not to go so I missed the orientation class and some of the initial interviews. My first meeting was with Paul of Tarsus who us the weather coordinator for earth. He explained my absence explained some of the bad weather just preceding my transfer. Note that you got some sunshine the very next day. Oh, and I expressed my displeasure about the Mary – Martha issue.

Contrary to what many think, angels don’t necessarily have wings. They are optional, and a tad inconvenient. The only Angels that usually have them are those that have assignments where there appearance is necessary on earth.

We, having no mass, are not subject to gravity and sort of float around like the Happy Birthday balloon that Violet got for Felix.

Heavenly music is what we like, not prescribed, like ”In Paradisum” from Faure’s Requiem. But what is neat, the music, or lack of it, is what we need at the time. So Dale doesn’t need to worry about having to listen to that Felix has been playing. He can listen to what he wants while accomplishing whatever machining job he is assigned.

I must confess that the best about heaven is the absence of allergies! I pigged out on bananas, apples, cashews, potatoes, and spinach yesterday after work.

Time seems to have no boundaries here. I have met and spoke with relatives and friends that preceded me. My mother reminded me of her story about the hearse going up the hill and the casket coming loose, bursting through the door, rolling down the street and into a drug store, and ending at the drug counter. The casket popped.up and the corpse asked if the druggist had any thing to stop this coffin.

We then laughed about Angela loosing her cough drop in the casket and the sight of Judy scrambling around trying to find it

By the way, I met Richard Rogers and he is looking forward to your auditioning for Carousel for a truly “off broadway” presentation.

I’m scheduled to play a piano concert including “kitten on the keys” soon.

Although all turns out well up here there is one pocket of sadness. When the life of a child is taken before it has had a chance to experience love, the soul goes to a special place for a while. You may see them in the form of clouds in a blue sky. Occasionally, many get together to grieve about the fact that they were unwanted and their tears fall to earth. Even that, in heaven, results in something positive, for the tears carry the color that you see in flowers and blooms you will see in the upcoming spring.

I hope I can impose on you to pass some messages to some folks for me.

Mary Hoynes, I was blessed to meet you and being able to share your life experiences.

Violet Leikam, you have been beyond a friend to Felix and me. Though I suggest that the next time you get to participate in a demolition derby, I recommend you get a 1973 Buick Regal station wagon. I understand they are indestructible.

Thanks to Midway United Methodist, especially Brad, Amy, Jeff, Julia and Helping Hands for helping my family.

At the piano, thanks Judy, for playing for the celebration. Judy, I know you weren’t named in the program, but know that here, you are used as the example of what a church staff member should be.

I was blessed with two sons in law. Gary wasted no time arranging for me to get fried and Dale got the Liz memorial commode installed in no time. Sorry I couldn’t try it out. Felix, enjoy!

Sometimes, true friends only reveal their friendship during difficult times. Carolyn and Doug are those kinds of friends. Thanks Carolyn for talking to me while I was waiting for the family, and Doug for helping Felix get through this difficult time. Tracy, Felix tells me you are also ray of sunshine. When you get here, I look forward to your contribution. But don’t hurry!

Kathy, words can’t express my thanks for what l felt when I woke and found you at my bedside, ready to grant my every wish that you could.

You heard my beautiful and talented grandchildren speak earlier. Dani, thank you for reciting the Lord’s Prayer just before I left. It was as good a send-off as I could have had. I hope you can have time with your granddaddy educating him about Jesus. Caitlyn, thank you for being with your granddaddy helping him through a difficult day.

Beth, you have been a special joy in my life. Thanks for arranging the celebration of sunshine service. I expect no less of it to be beautiful. You may be interested that I have not seen anyone here with “fat fingers”.

Kelly, I have called on strengths that you didn’t know you had in dealing with me. Please believe me it was not intentional. For that I ask your forgiveness. Know that far more important is the joy you brought as a drum major, member of the Atlanta Youth Symphony, and recitals at Converse College. Lately, your sharing of Dani’s antics and accomplishments have been even a more important blessing. Keep the faith, I understand Robert Shaw is looking for an excellent 3rd Horn for his heavenly orchestra.


2nd Assistant to Agent Controlling South East United States,
Special Agent in Charge of Georgia Weather

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