Reviews 2

Probably not a bad thing to have 2 review Pages.

Following are reviews of books we have read.


By AJ Scudiere

Review by Felix Bearden

Rating: Four Big Fish

In a style and with skills that A.J. Scudiere seems to possess in expressing the terror of the unknown and partially known, “Surface” is a welcome addition to those of us who collect her books. Except for the special connection the heroes have with each other, none have special attributes that many of AJs have been given. That connection, maybe comparable to a married couple married for 62 years, adds to the tension throughout the story, for the reader no longer can count on a special attribute to save the day.

In my opinion, the only negative to the book is AJs choice of venue for the story. I should warn readers familiar with the Bay Area in California that some technical problems exist associated with that choice. I recommend that you not get hung up on those problems as I was. Enjoy!

The author of this review was not compensated monetarily in any way.